Research Honors

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The Research Honors Program at Marietta College

What is a Research Honors thesis and why should I do one?

A Research Honors thesis is a major academic project completed during one’s senior year that represents a level of intellectual accomplishment and scholarship clearly above that expected of other graduates in the discipline.  This project is frequently a 30-60-page research paper, an applied work, or an artistic creation.  A project that begins with a summer Investigative Studies grant or as part of a capstone course may be developed into an Honors thesis.   In order to be eligible, a student must have at least 80 credit hours completed.  The student must also have a cumulative grade point average of 3.300 overall and 3.300 within the relevant major or minor to pursue Research Honors.

A student who completes a thesis garners the distinct prestige of a Research Honors designation on his or her official transcript.  In addition, that student is offered a unique opportunity to work with faculty members of his or her choosing on a topic of his or her choosing.   The experience of Honors research can serve as an excellent bridge between the work that students complete at MC and the work that will be expected of them in graduate school and/or in their careers.  In addition, all theses are published on the OhioLINK databases; therefore, completing an Honors project at MC is a sure-fire way of becoming an author!

How to find past Marietta College Honors Theses on OhioLINK

            If you would like to find recent Honors theses online, you can check them out through our library’s homepage.  From the library homepage, click on the “OhioLINK Home” link (  From there, click on the “ETD Center” link, and then on “Browse ETDs by Institution and Department.”  From there, you simply scroll down to “Marietta College.”  On this page you can search for theses based on department or the last name of the author.  You can download the entire projects from this site and see for yourself what goes into a thesis.


  1. Eligibility requires an overall cumulative GPA of 3.30 and a cumulative GPA in the discipline of 3.30 at the time of the proposal to the thesis committee.
  2. The student must have a thesis director in the field of study in which the thesis work is to be done. The thesis director must, of course, be willing to support the student's proposal.

Program Requirements

  1. The thesis proposal is typically submitted by the student during the spring semester of the junior year or the fall semester of their senior year. The proposal must be approved by the student's thesis committee (see above).
  2. The thesis is typically submitted during the student's senior year, preferably by the end of the fall semester. Approved theses are bound and preserved in the College Library and published on-line through OhioLink.

Recent Projects:

  • "The effect of sex-specific stressors on decision making" by Destiny Remeneric (Interdisciplinary project in Psychology and Biology)
  • "How Close Are We? A Study of Male/Male Communication and its Effects on the Formulation of Relationships," by James Nice (Communication)
  • "A. S. Byatt's Use of the Fairy Tale in her Short Fiction," by Jessica Phillips (English)
  • "Cover to Cover: Book Design in Practice," by Alix Northrup (Fine Arts)


For more information, please contact Dr. Alicia Doerflinger (