All Scholars Day * April 15, 2016

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Wednesday, April 15, 2016
All across Marietta College Campus
The goals of a campus-wide research day are to: 1) enhance the culture of academics at Marietta College, 2) celebrate undergraduates and the unique academic experiences that they enjoy at Marietta College, including undergraduate research, creative works, internship, and study abroad experiences; 3) provide a venue for students to gain experience presenting research and creative work, and to discuss their work with their peers and faculty.
Who will participate?
All Marietta College Students! All students should attend this campus-wide academic event.
Who will present?
Any student who has engaged in:

  • Senior capstone experience
  • Independent/Directed research project
  • Honors and Investigative studies project
  • Study Abroad
  • Internship

What can you do?
Presenters: If you are a student working on research/creative projects next semester, capstone students, etc., please keep April 15, 2016 in mind! Students DO NOT have to have a completed project; this is an opportunity for students to get feedback from others, etc. The project DOES NOT have to be in its final form (I.e., completed thesis or capstone paper) by April 13th; students merely have to have enough material to complete a poster or an oral presentation.
Attendees: Even if you are not currently involved in these kinds of projects, you could attend All Scholars Day (We need attendees as much as presenters!)

Friday, March 18, 2015: Abstract submission deadline
April 15, 2016: ALL SCHOLARS DAY