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Honors Program


Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school - Albert Einstein

An Honors education at Marietta College is an opportunity to be educated

As an MC Honors student, you will have:

  • Access to small, dynamic classes led by Honors faculty.
  • Opportunities to experience cultural events outside of the classroom; our Honors faculty travel with students to Pittsburgh, PA, Athens, OH, and Columbus, OH to take advantage of cutural events. 
  • Priority registration each semester, ensuring that our Honors students will be able to schedule the courses they need.
  • A cohort of talented, like-minded peers, who love to learn for the sake of learning!

After completing the Curriculum Honors Program (generally completed by the end of the sophmore year), students may choose to pursue an Honors Research Thesis.

What is an Honors Research Thesis?

  • Juniors and seniors specialize in their chosen field by working with faculty members on a senior thesis.
  • This kind of independent learning enables students to progress through a research experience under the guidance of an expert in the field.
  • The Honors Research Thesis is a way to distinguish yourself from other graduating seniors; it is a first step in work you will do either in your professional life or in graduate school.

Learning Outcomes for the Honors Program at Marietta College:

  1. Appreciate distinct modes of scholarship and research
  2. Apply interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship and research, and to articulate the value of considering multiple disciplinary contexts
  3. Reflect upon and apply independent educational experiences inside and outside the classroom to novel contexts
  4. Demonstrate competitiveness in applications for prestigious jobs, graduate schools, professional schools, and major scholarships

Thank you for visiting, and please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about the Marietta College Honors Program.

Dr. Alicia Doerflinger
Director of the Honors Program
Associate Professor of Psychology



Spring 2015 Events 

Spring Trips:

It Gets Better, February 12, 2015, at OU Blackburn Auditorium. 

Memphis, the Musical, March 17, 2015, at OU Blackburn Auditorium

Contact Dr. Doerflinger for more information (


Special events will be added as they become available.



Honors Thesis Research Information Spring 2015-Fall 2015

Honors Thesis Research: Important Dates

If you are a qualifying junior or senior student and you plan to complete a Research Honors Thesis, you should submit an Honors Proposal to the Honors and Investigative Studies Committee by 5 pm on Friday,March 20, 2015 (Please email to  The thesis schedule for Spring 2015-Spring 2016 is posted on the Honors Program website:

Summer Fellowship Program - Monday February 9, 2015

Summer Fellowship Program is a competitive program that awards seven students a $2,225.00 stipend and on-campus housing for six weeks following the Spring semester (dates are flexible, but most students follow a mid-May to end-June schedule).  The program supports independent research, pilot research for Honors projects or senior theses, and creative work that students do not have the opportunity to do in the confines of the classroom.  Students work under the supervision of a MC Faculty member for the six-week project. Projects may occur either on or off campus.

All Scholars Day - April 15, 2015

Seniors completing honors theses are expected to present at All Scholars Day. This presentation can fulfill part of the requirements of the thesis defense.

The deadline for submitting an abstract for All Scholars Day is Friday, March 20, by 5 pm.

You can get more information about submitting an abstract at:
Abstract submission deadline for All Scholars Day


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